DAYTON, Ohio – – February 17, 2014 – – The Big Hoopla and the Local Organizing Committee in Dayton have announced that Kent Bazemore, Guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors has made a significant financial contribution toward the Hoopla Ticket Program.

“When I heard about the Hoopla Ticket Program I knew it was something I wanted to be part of,” said Kent Bazemore. “I am excited to partner with The Big Hoopla and the Local Organizing Committee in Dayton to provide tickets to servicemen from the United States Air Force. Supporting the Hoopla Ticket Program is a small gesture of my appreciation for our military’s courageous service to our country.”

Since 2012, Big Hoopla Sponsors and Community MVPs have donated over 5,000 tickets to the NCAA First Four to Airmen from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“The tournament provides an opportunity for the Dayton Region to showcase itself as America’s top military community,” said JP Nauseef, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee. “We are excited to partner with Kent and are thrilled with his commitment to the military heroes serving at Wright-Patt.”

On top of supporting Wright-Patt Airmen, the Hoopla Ticket Program provides tickets to students throughout the Dayton Region.

“The Local Organizing Committee’s message that Dayton, Ohio should be the permanent tip-off site for March Madness is gaining momentum nationwide,” continued Nauseef. “Kent’s participation further demonstrates that The Big Hoopla is being noticed by the world’s elite basketball superstars.”

Bazemore continued, “I am familiar with the passionate college basketball fans in Dayton and the NCAA’s Tournament long history at UD Arena. I remember playing at UD Arena during my junior season at Old Dominion and am excited to be part of the great things happening in Dayton as part of The Big Hoopla.”

Fans can take part in supporting local students and Airmen at Wright-Patt by purchasing tickets to the 2014 tournament at UD Arena. For each ticket purchased between now and the end of February, The Big Hoopla will purchase and donate two (2) additional tickets to local students and Airmen.

Join Kent in Supporting Local Students & Wright-Patt Airmen

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