The Mission of the Hoopla Scholarship Program:

To provide Active Duty Military families and their students, Blue and Gold Star families, an opportunity for their K – 12 school-age students to receive funding to be used towards educational materials for their student.

The Vision of the Hoopla Scholarship Program:

Offer insight to these students and families in the application process, by showcasing the benefit of skills and opportunities such as:

  • Balancing Life Skills and Priorities of family, education, service, faith, and extra-curricular activities
  • Importance of continued and valued education, primarily STEM
  • Military support in our community and opportunities for student growth
  • Dayton Regional partnerships of business, volunteers, government and students

Submissions are closed for the 2021 Big Hoopla Scholarship Program. Be sure to check back in January 2022 to apply for a scholarship.

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