The Mission of the Hoopla Scholarship Program:

To provide Active-Duty Military families and their students, Blue and Gold Star families, an opportunity for their K – 12 school-age students to receive funding to be used towards educational materials for their student.

The Vision of the Hoopla Scholarship Program:

Students and families showcase the benefit of skills and opportunities such as:

  • Balancing Life Skills and Priorities of family, education, service, faith, and extra-curricular activities
  • Importance of continued and valued education, primarily STEM
  • Military support in our community and opportunities for student growth
  • Dayton Regional partnerships of business, volunteers, government, and students


Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Hoopla Scholarship recipients Jamari and Jaidyn!

Application Summary:

  • This is a family application process open to any Active Military family, Blue or Gold Star family, with K – 12 school-age children.
  • This opportunity is not need or merit based. Its’ award is based solely on the review of the submitted applications, and the recommendations of the Review Panel.
  • A Scholarship Review Panel of 4 representatives consisting of The Big Hoopla Leadership and LOC member, Active Military representative and a Dayton region educator, will review all Scholarship submissions and recommend the Scholarships to be awarded.

  • One Scholarship award per family per year, although multiple children in one family are encouraged to participate in the application. Past Scholarship winners may not apply.

Scholarship Award:

  • $1,000 cash to be used for educational materials as defined per the need of each awarded family and approved by the Scholarship Review Panel.
  • Up to 6 scholarships will be awarded in 2023 to students (and their family), at the discretion of the Scholarship Review Panel.

Application Requirements:

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2023

A written submission of the following from the parents and students, and the optional video:


  1. Complete family history application (provided)
  2. Written statement describing the value of continuing education for your student(s), and why your involvement in the Military has benefitted your family. (Limited to 250 words)


  1. Write a persuasive response from your life experience to one of the following (Limited to 250 words):
    • STEM Education and how you would enjoy this type of future
    • Using your Creative mind within your Community that includes Service
    • How your families’ relationship with the Military has affected you, and would you like to ‘follow in those footsteps
  2. OPTIONAL – A short video (Limited to 3 minutes) showcasing you and your families’ written submissions

It is important to include your life experiences, and what you and your students’ vision is for their future.  Creativity and uniqueness will set you apart with your submissions.  Written statements and persuasions should be completed on the form below, and videos should be 3 minutes in length.

Contact with any questions.

Scholarship Application

Submission deadline: September 30, 2023

Families will be notified no later than November 15, 2023 if they are a Scholarship recipient

All submissions become the property of The Big Hoopla, a Registered 501(c)3 Organization

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